Weekly Digest – 2 November 2022

Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. Read on for the latest updates and some ideas to help us all move forward.

Bank of Canada’s independence not under threat

After facing months of scrutiny from politicians and interest groups, Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem says that the central bank’s independence is not threatened. The BoC has faced growing criticism after raising interest rates and for its policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fundamentals of a great succession plan

It can be really difficult to take over a family business if there isn’t a well thought out succession plan in place. Learn some tips for what to include in your succession plan here.

Car insurance premiums are also set to rise

With the lull in traffic on the roads due to the pandemic officially over, some drivers have been surprised with increased rates as they go to renew their car insurance.

How to retain top talent

It’s harder than ever to keep great employees, especially with the unemployment rate at record lows. Canadian Business addresses what’s causing the current labour shortage, and what employers have to be willing to do to attract young talent.

“The Great Breakup” is the latest workplace trend

Women leaders are no longer hesitating to pack up and leave their companies in Canada and the US after being passed over for promotions or experiencing unfair treatment.

Eurozone inflation hits record 10.7%

Similar to what we’re seeing here at home, record energy and food bills are driving the cost of living up and slowing economic activity in continental Europe.

Ukraine ships record tonnage of grain despite warnings from Russia

A large handful of vessels loaded with grain left the port of Odesa on Monday. The shipment is a joint effort supported by the UN and Turkey and is meant to stave off a global hunger crisis.

China’s workers flee Apple’s biggest iPhone factory following COVID-19 outbreak

The massive factory complex in Zhengzhou city was hit with a wave of COVID-19, causing thousands of employees to flee. About 200,000 people work at the factory. It’s unclear how the outbreak will disrupt production.

How to ease “beginner’s mind”

Learning new skills as an adult can be extremely intimidating, and is anxiety-inducing for some. But, many of us are grappling with the reality of being a beginner as we switch careers. Learn four key ways that you can embrace the transition here.

The fun is over on Twitter less than a week into Musk’s takeover

While news of internal shakeups at the social media giant continue to come in, major Hollywood players have been vocal that they are leaving the platform now that it’s owned by Elon Musk. Most cite an uptick in hateful rhetoric as their primary reason for leaving.

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